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It's no secret that the main factor of development and growth transfer systems are migrant workers who regularly send a certain amount of money to their homeland. In the case of system Anelik, based in Russia, the main impetus for the development of migration of labour force from the friendly republics of the CIS after the collapse of the USSR. Over time, the system has grown and evolved in the international scale. Of course, the scope of the market of international money transfers is not as big as two of the oldest systems of international renown. But nevertheless, the system is composed of more than 60 thousand points of issue and receipt of transfers worldwide. The time required to transfer money rounded the planet, depending on the tariff can be from 5 minutes to 24 hours, which is quite at the global level on the quality of services.

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Currently range of services Anelik not limited to a simple transfer of funds. The system has a lot of options to transfer funds from one person to another.

Find the nearest branch, addresses of banks, where you can get the translation of the Leader MT can be on the official website: open
Fraud and Anelik

As a Russian company, on the company's website you can read the rules of the remittances. The rules are designed for participants in the system, but it is quite useful in part determine whether scams on withdrawal of money of the population. In the current revision of section 3.8.1 we have this wonderful item:

15) finality of transfer of funds occurs at the time of enrollment translation
funds on the account/card Recipient, the payment of cash to the Recipient.
Electronic transfer of funds becomes irrevocable and final after it
execution of an electronic money.

Which in our case means the following. You send a transfer to England or the United Kingdom ( which is one and the same ) on any fictitious name. Attackers naturally relieve you of your money, as in England is not customary to ask passport (and not excluded ways of making forged documents identification) and there comes a "irrevocability of payment". This means that the money will not be returned. According to the rules they will not obliged them to return.
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