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Leader among money transfer systems

Perhaps this is meant by the developers of the payment system "Leader" giving her a name. This system is quite young, and was created and started in operation in 2003. From that moment has passed not so a lot of time relative to the old-timers in the money transfer market, but nevertheless, the system is successfully developed at the the time has at its disposal more than 130 thousand points issuing and receiving payments. Offered services are not limited to money transfer. As the system makes it possible to make payments from individuals on account of various public and private organizations. The main perimeter coverage of the system is of course Russia and CIS countries, but also well-developed network of agents and throughout the rest of the world. Now to send a money transfer to another country of the world do not even have to leave home or go to the Bank, all you can do or through the Internet, or via cell phone or in payment terminals.

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Agents of the system are not only banks, but also many other non-financial organizations, such as operators of cellular communication, tourism and insurance companies and others. The system allows you to have a card of the client, which can speed up the procedure of sending payment in future cases sending payments. Company Leader to be in constant search and introduction of advanced developments and technologies, and seeks to create new and better products for our customers.

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Scammers and payment system Leader

Cases of using this system there is little, but nevertheless, some scammers are ready to accept payment, and through it, which means that this system of transfers is not ideal. But for scammers very convenient one circumstance, which is called by the system itself as a plus. It then. that the payments in the system without address. That is, to receive payment is possible in any point of the issuance of payment in any country of the world. That gives criminals a theoretical advantage in the conduct of their Scam.

And the next paragraph of the rules for transferring remittances also informs about the irrevocability of the transfer, which does not contribute to the fight against fraud:

9.4.1. When the PARTICIPANT-SENDER TRANSLATION in the form of cash funds of the CLIENT-sender granted to them without opening a Bank account or supplied in the form of non-cash funds from the account of the CLIENT-sender for the issue of the TRANSLATION of the CUSTOMER in the form of cash, for crediting of TRANSLATION to the CUSTOMER's account (individual), for credit TRANSFER to the account of the CUSTOMER's (legal entity/individual entrepreneur) irrevocability comes from the moment of submission of the CLIENT-sender of cash without opening a Bank account in order to implement the TRANSFER or since funds are withdrawn from the CLIENT's Bank account-the sender.
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