Tariffs on money transfer

via Western Union, MoneyGram, Leader, Anelik

with scam!
As the most advantageous transfer money?

Desirable fraudsters not send money, but nevertheless, if you have to pay for anything through money transfer system, and you are sure that it is NOT deception and fraud, it is possible to estimate the tariffs, which system would be better to send money. Let's consider tariffs for example, in various countries, which are most often sent money to fraudsters.
England or Britain (London)

money transfer System Amount of the transfer of Commission translation
Western Union 3000$ 121$
MoneyGram 3000$ 150$
LeaderMT 3000$ 45$
Anelik 3000$ 54$

money transfer System Sum paymenttransfer fee
Western Union 2900$ 121$
Money Gramm 2900$ 48$
Leader MT 2900$ 58$
Anelik 2900$ 54$

money transfer System Size translation fee Amount
WU 2800$ 121$
MoneyGram 2800$ 150$
Leader 2800$ 84$
Anelik 2800$ 49$

money transfer System fees are the Size of the fee
WUMT 2700$ 121$
MoneyGram 2700$ 150$
Leader 2700$ 54$
Anelik 2700$ 50$

money transfer System Transfer for the amount of Commission translation
Western Union 2600$ 121$
money Gram 2600$ 150$
Leader 2600$ 78$
Anelik 2600$ 50$
Beneficial and affordable tariffs for money transfers

as seen from the comparative tables of Anelik and Leader. Then there is the Western Union and closes the rating MoneyGram, which has the highest percentage for translations. These results were obtained provided that the sender is in Russia, in Moscow. For other countries and regions of the world rates may vary slightly from the figures given in the tables, but the differences between the systems would be approximately the same with the above.

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