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Remittances long ago were "invented" to facilitate the transfer of financial aid to relatives, friends. Their initial purpose was to transfer money as fast as possible, and the minimal amount of effort for the sender and recipient. Therefore, to send and receive not have to fill in a bunch of papers, enough passports and money. It would seem this is quite enough to provide the minimum required security transfers. But alas, over time, criminal elements figured out how to use this system for their own selfish and criminal purposes. The main reason why the fraudsters use remittances - no traces of the recipient and the sender. The recipient does not abandon his paper traces of receiving money it "disappears". In our age of electronics and technology make fake documents already is pretty simple. Besides, there are countries where you don't have to check the passport even in the Banks! As a man call himself, so is he." Having received the money and leaving the Bank find it very difficult. This also is used by attackers. Asked to make a transfer to your relative, and then go to the Bank and called his name and surname and receive money.

Here are the main money transfer system used by fraudsters:

The largest Western Union system:

Western Union

The second largest money transfer system MoneyGram:


Russian payment system Anelik and Leader:



For this reason, you should not use a money transfer through banks for payment of goods and services. Only to give it to their friends and relatives.
Addresses of the banks where you can send your translation

As a rule, money transfers are carried out through banks, so in most cases it is enough to find the directories nearest Bank and call to find out the existence of the necessary money transfer services. But banks are not an exception. Sometimes this process can participate in and outside organizations. For example in our country transfer through Western Union you can send through the "Mail of Russia", but only in foreign countries (in Russia they send only their own translations.
So the easiest way to find out the closest address send money can be on the official website of the desired system of money transfers.

Official sites of systems of money transfers, search for addresses:
Western Union Here
MoneyGram Here
LeaderMT Here
Anelik Here
How long will the money transfer?

Usually remittances in our time, do not require physical movement of paper banknotes. This means that all funds sent simply transferred to the special Bank account from which the beneficiary already receives cash. Electronic communication channels of our time, all these operations are very little time.
Usually means you can receive after sending in 15-20 minutes. Within an hour you can get almost in 100% of cases. That does not exclude cases of failure to communicate, when remittances may linger for a few hours, but such cases are quite rare.
In order to determine "where" is a translation and what his status now, you need to know any code. And already on it on the website translation system, you can check the current status of the translation.

for Western Union this MTCN, check the status of translation on the site - Here
for MoneyGram also have control number of the transfer Reference Number, but check on the website its status cannot be
for LeaderMT this room CNT, check the status you can here
for Anelik this Transfer Number to check the status of the translation you can here
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