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Mani Grams is perhaps the second largest money transfer system. As the largest money transfer system, MoneyGram has at its disposal a large number (over 300 thousand) points send and receive transfers worldwide. In Russia these items also a large number of, mainly banks. The main "trump card" in the dissemination of the given services on the territory of Russia is OJSC "Sberbank of Russia", which MoneyGramm signed a contract in 2010. Of course, "centuries old" history of development of both the Western Union MoneyGram system cannot boast but nevertheless the first translation was made quite a while ago, in 1940.

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Similarly WU system has American roots, and also trades its shares on the new York stock exchange. The quality of money transfer services are also at high enough level. Guaranteed time for the money transfer around the world in just 10 minutes. The system itself runs around the clock, but the translation of the course can be obtained only when the point of delivery in your region. With the translation, you can even send a brief written communication absolutely free of charge. And for translation it is enough to know the remittance number, and fill in the small form receipt of the translation.

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Scammers and Mani Gram

System of money transfers declares the speed and simplicity of the money transfers, and naturally the complete safety. However, as in other cases, the problem lies in some, "disadvantaged" countries like England or Nigeria. The company has also established a separate special website dedicated to the problem of fraud and deception (English only): On the website are the basic schemes of fraud, money transfers, which are most common on the Internet.
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