Money Transfer Control Number, MTCN

Number or code of money transfer Western Union and MoneyGram

with scam!
Code translation Western Union

So what is the MTCN?
This abbreviation stands for Money Transfer Control Number which means that means number, which is necessary for the control of the beneficiary..
For system WU this control number consists of ten (10) digits. This number is given to the sender of the transfer, after sending. Further, this number is transmitted to the recipient, so he showed it on receipt of payment. System declares that, without a passport and the non recipient will not be able to get a translation. But does it really?
Actually, all a little different. In some countries, historically, if a man calls his name, he used to trust. And even in the Bank do not check passport when conducting financial transactions on the account or remittances. With such traditions I think and check this control number can be as follows:
- Do you know MTCN?
- Yes, of course!
- Well, here is your translation.

So don't believe the fraudsters that without this non impossible to get a translation.

When remitting a transfer may even job secret question and answer, which must be checked with the issuance of payment.
BUT, as is declared, that money transfer system is not designed for business, then most likely the secret question is irrelevant. Because when sending money to a relative, it is assumed that only he knows that he will be translated, and no other namesakes not come to receive the translation. And operators can forgive the recipient, if they say that you forgot to answer, and on the phone was not heard, so that they could not make the secret answer.
Reference number for MoneyGram

For the system of money transfers MoneyGram there is a similar code - Reference Number, which indicates the reference number. This number consists of 8 digits. Even from the name of this room is clear that this number is only for acceleration of receiving payment, to make it easier to find on your computer, and correct the data for example on the phone. But he is not fulfil the function of a password, which could restrict the issuance of translation. If this number is to have a function, perhaps he would Protect called Number, Password or something. But again in this case, there is no assurance that the systems will limit the issuance of remittances on the ground, without this password.
transfer Control number for LeaderMT

The money transfer system Leader) has its own so-called control number of transfer - Control Number of Transaction - the abbreviation CNT. Unlike other systems, the room contains a strict number of digits in the number. Room CNT can contain from 9 to 16 characters. Of course, safety is unlikely to affect in some way. But looking at this room you just can't tell you have made a mistake in the record of this number by at least one digit or not, that certainly does not add to the convenience. Suddenly missed when writing one small unremarkable figure, and it is not known given a translation of a non-existent number or not. But this is certainly not a fatal flaw.
Number of transfer for Anelik

Money transfer system has just Transfer Number there is a number of the transfer. The room has MFAN/963852 and is intended only for tracking the status of the translation. For tracking the need for and the date of departure transfer.
Protection translation from scams

How can you secure money transfer from interception of them crooks? Is there any effective way?
Alas, 100% protection does not exist in principle. In any country may be "diligent" people who can find accomplices in the Bank, and get your translation, even if you send him under an assumed name. All translations are issued by banks. And the Bank - not the police, not will conduct the examination of a forged passport. So do not use Western Union money transfers, MoneyGram or other, to pay for goods and services. Especially in other countries. Even if you by any need to send money to their relatives - agree with them in advance about the time of the transfer. Then if they will receive it within an hour once submitted, your chances of losing translation will be minimal. Otherwise accomplices scams can follow the new translation, and send information about it to his associates...
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