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The biggest and the old system of money transfers Western Union Money Transfer

As is known, the system Western Union is the first and the old system of money transfers. The beginning of activity is marked in 1851, although it is difficult to imagine how computers and telephones it was possible to send money to other countries. Possible, to send small amounts of money were used pigeons, or runners-walkers, but nevertheless, once this system worked and worked well, time has survived and became the largest company on money transfer around the world.

The parent company is located in United States of America, and its shares are traded on the new York stock exchange (WU). The company has almost 500 thousand addresses of points of service, after all, send and receive money can be almost in the remotest village of any large country. And service offices are not only banks and post offices, shops and even gas stations.

Find the nearest branch, addresses of banks, where you can get the translation Western Union is possible on the official website:

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The company logo is recognizable from afar, and known even ordinary people from the rural hinterland (America and Europe at least). And that scammers are. People had a very positive attitude to the system of transfers, both the old and reliable money transfer system. So people believed that sending money all will be as it should be. But alas, the system is not responsible for the translations. If someone got back the money they do not return... No you Bank guarantees.

As the oldest money transfer system, it has been used, probably one of the first. It all started with the beginning of the era of the Internet, and probably the well-known Nigerian spam. This is when you writes a relative of the Nigerian President, who allegedly killed or displaced, and want to take the money. And this relative is ready to send you the money, a bunch of millions of dollars, for a small percentage, and you only need to send it via Western Union a small fee, which supposedly need to bribe certain officials, that they helped to quickly withdraw the money. And all these letters were written allegedly almost from the trenches, and I have very little time, and the opposition's going to catch him and take away the money. And many trusting people were sent to the relatives of their money in the hope of getting a decent profit.
Yes only benefit end up with scammers. It is difficult to imagine, but the momentum of these scams for many years in the amount can reach several million dollars!
How to safely send money to fraudsters?

Seriously? You still want to send the transfer to unknown people? :) Safely send money does not work. Everywhere there are vulnerable places, through which hackers can steal your translation. More or less safe you can send money through Bank transfers between accounts, where the payee is known and has an account in the Bank, by which it can find and disarm. It was relatively safe to buy through PayPal, for example through the exchange eBay. But the use of ordinary money transfers are not recommended. Can familiarize with the information about possible fraud, money transfers on the official website of Western Union: Read
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