History of deception

and cases of fraud on the Internet

with scam!

Just YESTERDAY FACED WITH THIS SITUATION ... found a car..very cheap.... here is my correspondence with the seller... can anyone help... -your ad is still in force? bargaining within what limits?
-Hello. Machine still not sold.
Car in perfect condition for his age. In the accident did not participate, the documents, all are clean,legally and properly framed. the year 2002, mileage 102 thousand km (fuel consumption from 8-10 liters per 100 km ) automatic Transmission. Engine passes standards Euro 4 standard. The machine was serviced at an authorized dealer, investment does not require any. I want for her 4800 American dollars. Machine is decorated in Ivanovo, paid customs duty and Russian numbers, I can sell it only in Russia or in Belarus, but at the moment it is in the UK with me because I live now, I'm here. Honestly wanted to save some insurance,and taxes,but alas,here there is a law that prohibits driving a left-hand car. Want to sell,because this car is no longer necessary and it stands in the garage and only cheaper and here why is this if you're sure that you buy it from me,I can drive a car in Russia and remove it from the account,but I need assurance that you are a real buyer. Since I'm in the car when the meeting will be ready to review all the documents and get the results... for your account.
-excuse me... she is untainted by the customs for Russia?... you will immediately make for yourself? or need a clearance? and in what city in Russia you will be able to drive it?
-Yes, I shall go straight to shoot Ivanovo car from the register,go take me 4 days,it is a maximum. despite what the road will be back on the plane
-all...sorry.... read your message ... question clearance fell... sorry for the question... just wondering... and as the machine with Russian numbers travels to England? there is this normal? I hope if suddenly you have to go to you in Ivanovo... you change your mind... because I, too far to go.... could You another couple of detailed photo throw?
-Here is my suggestion that will guarantee your solvency...go to any Bank where there is a transfer Western Union and send a cost and/4800 m$ in London, UK, on the name of your mother,sister,brother or even a child,each family member who might not even in great Britain. This translation, you don't buy it from me,this is the estimated translation. The money would be in the Bank for your attorney,until I come.. Then send a copy of the translation to my e the mail. I see the copies of the date,amount,name of the sender,and the seal of the Bank,here I am with you now negotiate,to the receipt you what I saw,to make sure that you have at the time is money designated for the machine and that you do not spend from it prior to my arrival. Commissions are included in the total cost of the machine,you translate 4800(this includes transfer fee). The next day I take off and go with the machine in Russia. When meeting you check all documents to the car, all that you are interested in,go through all the diagnostic procedures as previously wrote you that any checks I'm not afraid,because the machine as on my description,good without any problems. After the registration of a car you, we go together to the Bank and you change the name of the recipient with the name of your relative in the name of which I will tell you that he's in London was able to get them. So say my guarantee that you are a real the buyer, all the same, great Britain and Russia, the large distance.
To answer your questions. If you are interested in waiting for your reply, or call and we will arrange +447031875865, Olga Alexandrovna. Thank you for your understanding, you have a good day!
-Well-Olga Aleksandrovna.. ask You a couple of days for the Finance charges and clarify some of the nuances of translation... in turn can't unfortunately ask You guarantees... because I too do not go from a neighboring village....
-As a guarantee,to give You confidence. I send you the documents of his car,so You have to check everything,and were confident that everything is alright with her.

Next, I went to the Bank and began friends interested in whether without passport data and code word withdraw money... specialists in the Bank assured that no... but fortunately among techie guy was with his brother which there was a similar case...but he saw the photo and the title and the AUTO... began to doubt that it is a Scam... then I scored in the search engine "buy auto transfer Western Union" and got on your forum..... after that... I unsubscribed failed swindler: -It is INTERESTING, AND a LOT of You suckers? now read the link....
and if there is no time to jumps from the site to the site... I'm not lazy copy the text..... THERE IS A DESIRE TO SELL ME A CAR????? COME AND GET ON YOUR HANDS..... AND AGAIN.... INVESTIGATION UNIT OF ONLINE FRAUD... ALSO LOVES CHEAP AUTO... SO THAT THIS TIME YOU RAN INTO THE WRONG.... NOT YOUR DAY... in response it was a letter that's what....
Re: more Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko today at 12:58 TOYOTA RAV4 2.0 i 16V Hello. Car is not yet sold. Car in perfect condition for his age. In the accident did not participate, the documents, all are clean,legally and properly framed. the year 2002, mileage 102 thousand km(combined fuel from 8-10 liters per 100 km ) automatic Transmission. Engine passes standards Euro 4 standard. The machine was serviced at an authorized dealer, attachment no. I want for her 4800 American dollars. Machine is decorated in Ivanovo, paid customs duty and Russian numbers, I can sell it only in Russia or in Belarus,but at the moment it is in the UK with me because I live now, I'm here. Honestly wanted to save a bit of insurance,and taxes,but alas,here came the law,which prohibits driving left a/M. Want to sell,because this car is no longer necessary and he stands in the garage and only cheaper and that is why this if you're sure that you buy it from me,I can drive a car in Russia and remove it from the account, but I need assurance that you are a real buyer. Since I'm in the car when the meeting will be ready to review all the documents and get the results... for your account.

I then tried to deceive the alleged gift husky puppy,but I must pay them 2,000 per flight dog from the Tula region, Lobnya,then by car to travel 3 hours, I have proved that the plane will fly 3 hours, of course a Bank account and courier them no,that would on arrival as all normal people give money... require me to code so I told them that allegedly transferred money,now abused over them say that a long time must come the money and where my dog))))))))

Good day !
Honored here interesting stories and it seems my similar to yours .
Need advice
He began to search the car on the sites here comes a proposal from a certain Mr. from Spain that supposedly worked before LUKOIL has now works in another place car who wants to sell 320GLK 2010 for the 17,000 euro / Like no three rubles but the price of this car this year, significantly higher. I agreed . He said that the gave the car company, Spain for a deal
Now company data
TRS European Transport & Logistics Network
They sent a description of the procedures for issuance of machine and fish contract
Actually, all described here
the point is simple
1. the seller sends them your car
2. they check on everyone
3. if the purchaser is sent to it contract
4. sign the seller buyer mi this firm
5. Next is the transfer of the Deposit ( not yet know the sum and which Bank ) about Western Union has not yet mentioned
6. after that, run the vehicle
7. I within 5 days of its test and make out .
8. If you do not like it - I can bring back
9. then my money which lie dormant on one of the accounts I returned within 48 hours to
again it is written that transfer money from the account, they may with my written consent
10. if the car was not pleasant to me, I must return of commodities for their representative .


1. What is a divorce or not
2. If not divorce how to err on 100%

Deception, Fraud when presenting puppies
From: lucy roys
To whom:
December 30, 2014, 16:14 6 files
Thank you for your interest for these little
babies they are 12 weeks of men and women and their
names are, respectively, the Prince and Princess.
I give, the Prince and Princess of free house for
the adoption, where they can have the love, attention, care
and kindness from family members. We from London, but now we work Cameroon.
My husband works at the international airport in Douala Камеруне.Мы came to the conclusion that the price of this breed is very expensive in Russia as our dog gave birth to 6 puppies, we decided to give 1 male and 1 female low receipts and through assistance of my husband, they may be carried with
very small charges in Russia
Please provide adequate care for the puppies, you
Promised To Have. I don't want to suffer puppies. Selected two
e-mail address, which I will answer to their letters. Any of you
Who pays for the travel expenses (tickets) will be happy to have them, my husband promises to help you get a ticket, because he works at the airport. Your response gives me confidence that your house will be ideal
Home for some of my puppies. This process is simple and not time-consuming. in one day or two days your puppies will be delivered to your home.
You will pay $ 100 for 1 puppy and $200 for two, which will be delivered to You at home my husband must complete balance. This sum I mentioned above, include: plane ticket and shipping cost for your home. You will give me the following information, so I do
property transfer documents and registration of puppies airline
This is pure illusion. Asked to transfer the money at
ADDRESS...............25 LIMBE ROAD
The ANSWER...............TODAY
There are many addresses with request to transfer money for the transportation of puppies from Cameroon

Guys, thank You for the actual theme, he almost fell for this trick!!! On avito found an ad for a low price car. Here is some correspondence:
Corina Stepanova
22 APR. 16:01

Now I am in Milan , Italy . the car is right here with me.
Car in excellent condition, no accidents,no problem,
Customs duty paid. I want to sell it quickly. Total cost 4800$ if
I am giving you a car in Russia .
The car has a Russian license plate , can withdraw from the account.

I: Well,I like it!
You live in Russia?
When you will tentatively in the Russian Federation?

I can make a car in Russia next week. I will remove it from the register. But I need a guarantee that you are a real buyer still Milan from Russia there is a great distance . I am selling this car, because I have no more work here in Italy , I found a job in England there is my sister , there I have nothing wrong with this machine so as there all RHD cars . My suggestion is that you transfer part of the cost 4800 $ Western Union, for example, the name of his mother, or (husband, wife, brother, .......). You send money in England, for example the name of your mother, then send a copy of the translation to my email (you probably have relatives in England , but it doesn't matter). You go to the Western Union and you say that you want to send 4800 $ your mother who is now in England . I'll check if transfer is real and come with the machine in Russia . There you can check all the documents of the car, engine, all you want ..... and then we go to the Bank and you change the name of your mother on my sisters, and it will remove the money with Western Union in England.
I will wait for your reply

I: one More time! You can send scans of the technical passport of the car and documents on the customs clearance!!!

I come into your house with the car, after I see translation, Western Union.
I'm sorry, but I can't do this on a long trip without guarantee.
This translation, you don't buy it from me, the translation is not in my name!
I can't get the money from the Bank,a until you have tested the car and not
change the name of the recipient. if the car is not on my description of how I
promised, then you cancel the transfer and receive money from Western
Union. It's that simple!
Through this translation, I'll be sure that you are a real buyer, and that you have
there are cash, allocated for the machine, and that you will not attempt to
agree with me about the lower price when I'll be there with a machine, and you
'll force me to sell it, I just can't come back
not selling it. And I don't have time to sit there, to seek another
the purchaser.
I'm very sorry!

Do not fall for such trash!!! Thank you for comments!!!

Wanted to buy a car. In an announcement on the website indicated that machine in the UK.
After negotiations with the owner agreed that the guarantor will serve money transfer from Voronezh in UK through western union in the name of the mother, who is in Voronezh, and after the transaction, we are the owner of the car in the Bank rewrite the name of the recipient.
on 2 March the money transferred, by e-mail threw a copy of the translation, and in the UK money shot through 1.5 hours of the same day. Since no one came March 7, I decided to rewrite the name of the recipient, and I was told that there is no more money, although all the days said that money in the safe.
What to do? How to recover money from abroad issued with a forged passport via western union? Where to apply?
Thanks In Advance!

I thank God became the victim thanks to people who leave their history. ran into a site http://www.evermasltd. contacted seller and began divorce

such cases with sale of cars very much on the website of the hands. attracts low cost,but free cheese only in a mousetrap, and then only for a second mouse. THANK You very much,that I did not fall for the tricks swindlers!

Good day, I think I wanted to cheat! and that's why

In my letter to You, I will detail the reasons for sale at a low price and
the terms of the acquisition of my car !

If You are satisfied described below conditions in all matters related
with the purchase of my car, please, write me on this address:

My car has no legal no other problems . He fully paid customs duties and has a full set of keys. Not really requires no
any attachments ! Car perfect condition !
Any inspection and diagnostics on arrival !

The reasons for the sale of my a/m at a lower cost, associated with the fact that I
signed a work contract in the USA and changed the place of work and place of residence.
You are in the country under the terms of my contract, I worked eighteen
Currently I live in two countries - Israel-USA.
Ho in Your country I had the a/m , which at the moment I'm
you no longer need and only cheaper, waiting in a rented me a garage.

So now I need fast and convenient for me to sell it !
For me convenient conditions of sale and the client is the price. It turns out that there
there are no conditions, and this price !

Description of the conditions of sale:

To purchase my car You need to make money
translation, in an amount equal to the value of the car, through the system of quick
remittances WUMT.
After the transfer You need to send me an email to
electronically copy of the receipt about payment for my email. I
I called the Bank and if I confirm that the translation exists in the
within two to three days I will fly to You to
renewal of the car. And control number, MTCN of ten numbers which is
You will give the representative of the Bank while making the transfer and that the
turn is necessary for the receipt of that translation, You will hide sending
my receipt. You show me only when we will
auto on You and You will receive it in its use. What this way
transparent and secure for You, you can verify talking with the Bank
the employee of any Bank where there are Western Union. It is because there is such
the unusual conditions of the sale of the car and caused so much of his low
the cost. That is, no data-no facilities and rates. For the buyer
convenient price and for me, the terms of sale.

You are no risk just as I have proposed option payment
guarantees the safety of Your money(in any Bank You can confirm)
until You receive the car and we will arrange it on You
Check the car and on my arrival I'm ready for any check
available to You up to the fact that I am ready to be present in the traffic police in
vehicle registration in Your name.

Like I said, I will not answer letters in which You offer me
their terms of selling my car. See the car, you can
will be only when I come so that keys from the leased me garage
there is only me. My car is in perfect condition and on the
the case has no legal't any other problems. I repeat -
if You don't like my terms for the sale of a car you should not
I post at all because the letter offering me their conditions and
things I just won't answer !

Hello. I offered to buy very cheap car, but a car in England, I correspondence received a letter about the fact that I can pick it up only after transfer to his or relative's name in England (though I was there), and send a copy of the receipt to the seller. Only after that the seller come to me on this car, after removal from the register, we allegedly had to go and change the name of the recipient for the seller. But I have doubted, I decided to find information about it on the Internet... And, thanks to your site I just don't fell for the SCAM..... Thank YOU for those who share a bitter, but useful experience for other!!!!!! I kept a decent amount of money!!!!!
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