with the system Western Union

with scam!

And here's my case of fraud. Found on the motorcycle at a very low price.
Contacted seller by mail ,he wrote that is in London and you must give him your address and we make a deal through the company TASS INTERNATIONAL LTD (site -
The company sent the name of the person to whom you want to send money as the agent (the agent that manages the money , I will send a motorcycle , he gives the seller the money).
In the end, I sent the money , I wrote that the bike will come to Moscow through 4-5 days !
And everything the company does not respond to my letters and the seller does not respond.
This is a story of
Alexey Sidorenko

I collided with a deceit from Danny H moke and transportation company mediterraneanshippingagency @ when buying a motorcycle from Cameroon, city of Douala.
Manager ROMEO KIDZENWA TANGWA. Mediterranean Shipping. Agency

With the help of Western Union system, they asked me for 20 000 rubles for registration of a motorcycle in a transport company, and the seller said that more than the cost of shipping in Russia I will take it, and on arrival to me, I should only pay the cost of the motorcycle, after a few days demanded all the expenses for the transportation of motorcycle Russia. Rent cost of 35 000 rubles per container, or buy him 200,000 rubles. Provided documents and certificates on the motorcycle with the seal and signature, all the documents are executed professionally, in photoshop, that the eye does not even define their falsification. Then allegedly sold, transferred me all costs for transportation, I asked him real photo on the the moment where he next to the bike, sending that to me, I realized that it was a forgery, and the photo of another motorcycle, not in terms of the repair, it was new, but even design it is different and year of release. Then he told me that so it looks like now, and lied. The money should have been removed with the help of the passport of a Manager or is not required, and I already said goodbye to the money, because I think that return them. They communicate professionally and try to put pressure on honesty, providing forged documents.

I decided to buy a cell phone and like all contributed 100% advance payment 560$ after I got the link to the site where I could track the goods, suspicions immediately struck me that the site is not involved in a search engine and not a long time is registered,no contact numbers. After two days I wrote that the goods are stuck in Germany and that for further sending to another product ordering,but I refused,so they ask me to make at least 50% that the product would went on in the amount of 2 phones. Here I Koba their data
Skype :yebtech.electronic name is Jamie Coyne
Can be lots of such emails.


Recivers name :Mbah chukwuemeka sunday
Address :PO Box 8260 Dubai
Al Riqqa Building, Opp. Maktoum Hospital
City Dubai
Country:United Arab Emirates
May change as always make scammers.

Can I, as not whether to return the money?

Adel Electronics Trading LLC

PO Box 8260 Dubai
Al Riqqa Building, Opp. Maktoum Hospital
United Arab Emirates
Maybe it's the same thing.
Here is a fraud site such sites and a lot of be careful!!! Skype Scam sales_rep3
Here's another Skype Skype gareth.arry3 another Skype paul.ward910 such a lot it's not listed and all the crooks from London UK , Arab Emirates.

On the website interested ad about selling DJ equipment, the price of real - 30 000 sold by referring to the fact that he is an Italian agreed to send goods to Moscow through google checkout, after some time, hectares mail came notice of the dispatch of the goods. Payment through WUMT agent google. Made a transfer, got a notice to google that the goods were in transit and must pay some transportation costs, this amount is 19 000 rubles, under the terms of the google agent upon arrival of the goods must return. Listed. Now ask for another 15 000. How to be? How to recall translations?

in the Internet have a lot of ads of this office about selling luxury strollers with the delivery of Britain) further vet scenario, correspondence with my personal email: Hello,
You talked about Garrantee we can offer You, and I asked my Director, so that we can deal this way. You said that you are willing to pay for 2012 Stokke Xplory Full stroller you are going to order from us, but when you see packaged that when you need to pay, say, cod. My the Director of the said delivery Stokke stroller for you until you get the package before you pay it is not a problem, we can deal this way, but the point is that you must prove that you are able pay for this stroller Stokke that we deliver to you because we were such transaction, as it and the buyer does not pay all the money, and it made us lose money, so since then we are not dealing here with cod.
So what must we do now, that we will deal with cash on delivery, but you must prove to us that you have the money to pay for is Stokke stroller we send You.

This is what we should do, you go to the post office, where you are to make the transfer, through an agent of Western remittances near you and make a start payment through Western remittances, take the information I gave you, howling and pay the United Kingdom, but you will not use our accountant Name this time you must pay to any name of Your choice as receivers such as your Name any names of your family, a friend's name or any name you want, but in our address company. After you have made a payment, send a receipt, so that we can confirm your MTCN number through the official website Western Union money transfer, which is and once we have confirmed that the payment is available, we will send to you and send you a tracking number of the package, so you can track and locate the package on the Internet and within 2 days you receive the package. After receiving the package, which you can explore the Stokke stroller and see that every thing is Well, now you return to the Western Union and change the name of the receivers Marvin Walt that an accountant Name of our company, so we can confirm our money.

Please, you must promise that as soon as you receive the package and see that most of this is normal and you will pass by changing the name of the accountant of the company in the face of Marvin Walt and this will affect within 24 hours after receipt of the Stokke stroller.

Note that if you change the name will be impossible for the company to choose the accountant money at the post office.

Therefore, we gave you this option owls it is safe for both of us, we should to prove that you have the money we send to you, you see your Stokke stroller and check and make sure that they are original, with complete accessories, Then within 24 hours you change the name on the bookkeeper the Name of our company, which is Marvin albert so that he can take his money.

Bellow is the information you need to pay to:

Accountant Name: Any name of your choice.
Address: Craighall 20 Glamis Road,
City: Dundee
State: Angus
Postal code: DD2 1ND
Country: UK

In such a if You agree with this offer, you can send us your full delivery details, contact phone number and the color you are going to order. With that we will begin to packaging and labelling of 2012 Stokke Xplory Complete stroller and as soon as you send us a confirmation slip, we proceed with the delivery.

We are waiting for your mail soon.
Yours sincerely,

I think the same character (that Denny) and sells BMW 3 , here is the text of a letter from him:

In my letter to You, I will detail the reasons for sale at a low price and terms of purchase my car !

If You are satisfied described below conditions in all matters associated with the purchase of my car, please, write me on this address:

My car has no legal no other problems . It is fully cleared and has a full set of keys. Not really requires no investment ! Car perfect condition !
Any inspection and diagnostics on arrival !

The reasons for the sale of my car at a lower cost, associated with the fact that I signed a work contract in the USA and changed the place of work and place of residence.
You are in the country under the terms of my contract I had worked for eighteen months.
Currently I live in two countries - Israel-USA.
In Your country I had the a/m , which at the moment I didn't need and only cheaper, standing in somebody's garage .
So now I need to quickly and conveniently for me to sell it !
For me convenient conditions of sale and the client is the price. It turns out that there are no conditions, and there is a price !

Description of the conditions of sale:

To purchase my car You need make a money transfer, in an amount equal to the value of the car, through a system of fast money transfer Wеstеrn Uniоn.
After the transfer You need to send me an email electronically copy of the receipt about payment for my email. I called the Bank and if I confirm that the translation exists within two-three days I fly to You to
renewal of the car. And reference number from ten digits, which will give the Bank the transfer and that in turn, is necessary to obtain this translation You send me the receipt. You show me only when we переоформим auto on You and You will receive it in its use. The fact that the way to transparent and secure for You, you can verify talking with the Bank
the employee of any Bank where there are Western Union. That is Your exposure to risk losing your money, there is no. If You still aren't sponsor my terms and conditions of sale of my car I ask You not to write me at all because the
another selling I just won't. It is because there is such unusual conditions of sale of the car and caused so much of its low cost. That is, no data-no facilities and rates. For the buyer convenient price and for me, the terms of sale.

You are no risk just as I have proposed variant of payment guarantees the safety of Your money(in any Bank You can confirm) until You receive the car and we don't record it on You
Check the car and on my arrival I'm ready for any check available up to the fact that I am ready to be present in the traffic police in vehicle registration in Your name.

Like I said, I will not answer letters in which You offer me your terms for the sale of my car. Show car you can be alone when I'm coming as your keys from the leased me garage there is only me. My car is in perfect condition and actually has no legal't any other problems. Again - if You don't like my terms for the sale of the car then I should not post at all because the letter offering me their conditions and things I just won't answer !

This type of fraud already everywhere!!! The most interesting thing is that the banks don't know about simple withdrawal of money in England. I came across this ad wrote about auto - answer. Corresponded with a cool head, because 99% was sure that a divorce... it was Interesting to learn scheme... Correspondence 6-8 letters history sputannaya a lot of contradictions. Wines code to me upon request sent. A shame that these nits not catch. Everything depends on us! don't be silent! knowledge is power! now You inform other, tomorrow people will tell about the dangers of YOU! Complain to such ads administration site! We need to limit such cases of fraud on the Internet! Beware! < > mail which I have. Good Luck To All!

Hello!!! and I think banks and their managers know only inflate them is not at hand, because a loss of customers and a bad reputation and so I think this is already a long established business, therefore, and not the fact that these scammers not pay Bank a fee for a particular roof. I literally yesterday I found on ebay two very attractive proposals and both machines in London with Russian numbers and the usual blah-blah-blah as a wildcard, the example here not once described, well thought of reading on the Internet and everything fell into place.... that's two addresses El. mail which communicate with me: (Audi offered) and nissan offered). Good luck to all

If I only for a couple days before I knew about the existence of this site! I live in UK and the day before yesterday we were such a fraud as many.. We are looking to rent an apartment and came across a very interesting proposal. Tried to call them but failed. Eventually wrote e-mail. We exchanged letters. The man said that he lives in Denmark and apartment wants to pass out because he just need to looked after and cared not for the sake of profits. Everything was fine, but then was that he"was unpleasant incidents, when he negotiated with people wishing to rent an apartment, poor thing he flew in from Denmark and people were insolvent. And he vain spent time and money." And he can fly only in the resurrection, when the banks are closed. But the great Western Union works! And he offered us to do a translation of each other or the name of a friend, assuring that the expenses for the transfer it will take and pay them to us immediately at the meeting. I thought, thought and decided that's nothing." if the husband will transfer money to my name. because only I can pull them off! Only with my PASSPORT! And we sent him a scan our receipts... and not even smart enough to hide the necessary key data, such as Western Union code (MTCN).. what folly, my God.. (sent about 1.5 thousand dollars, a Deposit for an apartment+fee for the first month). In General, you guessed it, another day our salesman stopped and we finally have confirmed their suspicions. Well, I thought, I'll take the money and will live in the future. But there it was. money is withdrawn.. At first they thought to turn to the police. but what will they find? is it worth? someone from the street came in, took my money and left.. how you can find it.. I am shocked. Western Union? Never!

Many thanks for Your page! My Wife was also about to fall for this trick. The announcement of the sale beautiful apartment with furniture by a surprisingly low price to "Avito", eventually led to this letter:

Good time of day.

In this letter, I will describe the cause and conditions of sale of my apartment at a lower cost.
I sold my farm in the Area where I lived. The sale was linked with a move for permanent residence to Israel
closely to their kids here and live.
I bought a farm here and do business here. In Naberezhnye Chelny of my apartment. Before I leased it out but with the move of the lease was not relevant.
I can't waste time, sit in Naberezhnye Chelny and sell it to himself, or to entrust the sale of any(God forbid) bad specialist estate.
The point is this:
For me to fly with Israel for the renewal of the apartment shall I be sure that I am flying to a real customer and not to the person not the exact word which currently are not enough.
You send a Deposit in the amount of 15,000 $ in the name of any person in tel Aviv(beneficiary data may be fictional or for example the name of a relative or just
the familiar. and no matter if you have someone in Israel or not - it doesn't matter)
through a system of fast money transfer
"MoneyGram"(present in every Sberbank) or Western Union or money transfer system "LeaderorAnelik" in Israel in tel Aviv (any kind of translation that is in Israel).
I send a copy of the receipt to e-mail. I called the Bank and say that I am the recipient to check the availability of the translation. If everything is OK we are talking about the date of the meeting.
After re-registration of the apartment in Your name we go together to the Bank from where he was made a translation and You change the data recipient to those that I will shew.
This procedure is free and takes about 10 minutes.
For You it is a guarantee of preservation of money. That is so clear that sending translation say the name of spouse You are no risk.

It is important that under no circumstances I do not intend to yield in the price and to change their terms and conditions of sale ! If You are not satisfied with the option of a Deposit which I wrote I ask and
even insist that You would not spend
neither your nor my time. I'm not going to fly just to one who just speaks COME I BUY. This is not logical.
I installed the lowest price only for the fact that I was comfortable this sale is not because of the needs for funds.

The apartment itself is in very good condition. Apartment personal - property. The document is OK. They lie in the apartment upon your arrival You will be able to study them and
check any available to You.
On arrival I am ready for any kind of inspections.
At the moment the apartment or who are not registered and it is ready for sale. FREE FOR SALE !
Examination of the apartment is possible only on my arrival as I had the keys and I have anyone in Naberezhnye Chelny whom I could entrust sale.
This is a very good offer for a person wishing to buy an apartment not expensive. Besides the sum of the Deposit I pointed out not high and reasonable.

I repeat - do not bother me if the terms of the deal You are not satisfied. The letter with the offer of his conditions of sale of my apartment, I will not answer.
The price is understated only due to the fact that the terms of the deal a little not standard and view apartments available only on arrival.

+972-732-44-43-53 is my phone number

Mortgage is possible

With respect Viktor Viktorovich Kramer
History of deception and fraud
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