and fraud with the transfer of money

with scam!

Guys run into the same situation found a car on Ebay Isuzu Vehicross the price was low and I decided to find out why she has such a low wrote seller, he tells me I used to work in Russia 1 year and acquired allegedly here car, then went home to England and took the car a put on sale in England well, the car is not who do not buy so much duty and steering wheel on the left side, and then I said the Pope saying that such a car is a price dad was surprised, too asked me why I told him. Then we started with the seller to talk more about the Car he sent me another photo auto and sent their document his name was PAUL TOWER. Paul said that he machine gave shipping company and talk to her about buying a car machine is Packed and ready for shipment. My father and I thought well that normally take the car, even not knowing the Floor wrote that machine we take it says the company you will write. Immediately, the company writes and sends all of the conclusion of where the money to send and etc. We all got it went took the money in the Bank and have sent Carol Gipsona which we were told in the Bank. We have sent the money via Western Union 145 thousand rubles +6 thousand roubles for the translation. Then all looking forward to what we write. We are assured that we have received your translation but our company has changed the condition deal and now we require 100% of the contribution, and then we sailed then...

Interpol is not engaged fraud in England. This country does not extradite anyone other than terrorists. This is useless to go to the police and wait for the action and result. Our police will be powerless. In England have never asked for documents, neither in the hotel nor in the Bank. This is the order of this country. Can you say any name and You believe the word. So here it is. This divorce is 100%. Ask for documents with customs and check their purity. I think that the conversation is over. These documents must be in the hands of the seller 100%.

They sent my husband a few letters indicating that he won more than $450 000 2 winners. They told him that, since he did not react on time, they were going to send him a package that would instructions, etc. however, it must protect the package and insure it.
To do this, he should send in $900 via Western Union and send it Lloyd's of London Insurance co. however, money should be connected to:
Yuri Sierra Silva
San Jose, Costa Rica
they said, make sure that if Western Unions asks if you know, George, I will say Yes and not tell them this is the reward for winning. they said, just tell Western Union, that is for our friend George.
When asked where their office:
they said, we are in Las Vegas and our address
Las Vegas Allure
1 Harris Ct.
Las Vegas, 4100
They were so stupid that they didn't know the zip code of 5 digits.
their phone # 202-470-3344
They were so stupid that same agent called us again and use someone else's name, and asked Matilda Walter, and gave me the same sale pitch and the same BS.
They ask if you have children, if you have savings, etc. they tell you to make sure you don't tell anyone about this victory.
keep in mind, these wolves.

All greetings!
Join the debate itself almost got,if not for my alert friend, and would have lost 5600$.
Svetlana Koxhohina placed an announcement on the sale of Opel Astra, communicating with it by mail realized that such a scheme - I translate 5000 USD via the Western Union in Scotland your name or the name of the mother,send a copy of the translation and am waiting for a girl in 3-4 days in Moscow with the machine!!! get fooled!!!Please only in showrooms around thieves!!!
K Bogatyreff

Many thanks for the information!!!... Offered to buy a car is in England the price and year were very promising, said that in order to prove that I'm real the buyer should do the translation In/Yu 10% of the car value. Free cheese... Only in a mousetrap!... Ps - We are to give their money under shroud sweet shop!!! Do not rush to think well!!!

was in the same situation. translated 1750 USD. through PrivatBank. translation disappeared without 10-digit code. applied to the Bank they sent to the legal Department of a Bank, and there will send a request to in Israel. found a city Bank,Bank address. I will continue to fight. I of the Dnieper. tomorrow I'll go to the Bank to write a statement on the fact of swindle. sent 1750 as a prepayment for a car online ads.
Igor Kokorin

Found on Avito car at an affordable price in England. contacted seller.
It was proposed to send a confirmation solvency.
made a transfer via Western Union in YOUR name. disclose to the buyer via email that the translation is sent.
and in response silence. through the day I went to do a refund and they tell me that the money obtained by me in England in the Bank in London.
And who now return the money. That turns out that even code and forged documents can get any money.
the main thing to get access to the data in the Bank of translation. hence it follows that all Western Union system divorce

On the website AVITO.RU also there are ads with cars at a very attractive price, the money the seller also requests the transfer WUMT the name of a relative, and all as it is written in the 3rd paragraph of the article. Beware! for example Honda civic in Togliatti.

...and we almost got caught.. if not your husband, all the "crying" our money. We found Slando car. the same for quite a very low price. Contacted by the seller of the car and we were offered transfer the amount of money via Western Union to our relative and send them a copy of the receipt that she was seen in the number of sending, the amount and who sent....but my husband clever invited them to take number of the cars which is under the hood...and ...they all went silent...=)

From: Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >
To: Ildar Giniyatullin < >
February 23, 2012, 16:40
No ,sorry but I do not you can withdraw, I know

2012/2/23 Ildar Giniyatullin < >
If I send the translation to England I can't already get it back. so I want to send him to Ulyanovsk ,as there when documents brother will send it to go where you want.

February 23, 2012, 16:05 from Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >:
I'm sorry, understand and you me, I'm alone I come to you, I can't do more than 3,600 km,I'm afraid of deception and spend on the road so much money for nothing. This translation, you don't buy it from me, the translation is not in my name. You only confirm their solvency to it I was sure that you there is money on the purchase of the machine that you will not attempt to negotiate with me lower price. When I'll be there with a machine, you will just require I sell it, because I just can't go back without selling it. Another buyer I don't have time to sit there, to look for. In my car description and how you see it on the photo, if that is not so, then you cancel the transfer and get your money back if that call and agree...

2012/2/23 Ildar Giniyatullin < >
You will be able to overtake Ulyanovsk? there will list the money. then I agree.

February 23, 2012, 13:42 from Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >:
Western Union and just you and me in England in almost every Bank,I wanted easier for you and for me. If so won't get to inform aboutMoneyGram, this is also a money transfer. The same scheme,I will give it all explain in detail why do I need all of that...Let's all Vice versa. your attorney,who is wife say, sends to you (for your own safety)money to England,and you come and meet with me,I take off the auto-registration,make a full diagnostics , do the documents of the machine on you,then just call your wife and it will take your name to mine. if you are happy, I'm just glad to be, for both of us,I can sell the car,and you finally will go on it. I will wait for your decisions

2012/2/23 Ildar Giniyatullin < >
It is clear when you can check out? Translation is obligatory only through Western Union? or you can ordinary through a Bank? From Ulyanovsk 4 times planes fly to Moscow airport will ship of course.

February 23, 2012, 11:00 from Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >:

I go to Ivanovo to remove the car from the register,if you want to,let's agree to meet again to go along to withdraw from the account,and then to draw up documents for you, take take me 4 days,it is a maximum. despite what the road will be back on the plane,(please if you are able to take to the airport)

2012/2/22 Ildar Giniyatullin < >
Theoretically, your suggestion is fine by me. When you plan to overtake the car? Whether suffers time?And all the same, you can send the copy of the passport of a transport funds and certificates of registration for inspection encumbrances and legal cleanliness?

February 23, 2012, 01:33 from Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >:
Here is my suggestion that will guarantee your solvency...go to any Bank where there is a transfer Western Union and send the price and/4800 m$ in London,UK, the name of your mother,sister,brother or even a child,each family member who might not even in great Britain. This translation, you don't buy it from me,this is the estimated translation. The money would be in the Bank for your attorney,until I come.. Then send a copy of the translation to my e the mail. I see the copies of the date,amount,name of the sender,and the seal of the Bank,here am I with you now I say to the receipt you what I saw, check that you have at the time is money designated for the machine and that you do not spend from it prior to my arrival. Commissions are included in the total cost of the machine, you translate 4800(they are, and Bank Commission). The next day I take off and go with the machine in Russia. When meeting you check all documents to the car, all that you are interested in,go through all the diagnostic procedures as previously wrote to you that any checks I'm not afraid,because the machine as on my description,good without any problems. After the registration of a car you, we go together to the Bank and you change your name the recipient with the name of your relative in the name of which I will tell you that he's in London was able to get them. So say my guarantee that you are a real buyer, all the same The UK from Russia, great distance.

To answer your questions. If you are interested in waiting for your reply, or call and we will arrange +447031875865, Olga Alexandrovna. Thank you for your understanding, you have a good day!

2012/2/22 Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >
I'm posting, and transhumance for sing account.

2012/2/22 Ildar Giniyatullin < >
I would like to see a copy of the passport of the vehicle with marks about registration. What will be its price after driving in Russia? When You can surpass it in Russia? What are my warranty if I will list You in advance?

February 23, 2012, 01:11 from Olga Aleksandrovna Deshkelko < >:
TOYOTA RAV4 2.0 i 16V

Hello. Machine still not sold.

Car in perfect condition for his age. In the accident did not participate, the documents, all are clean,legally and properly framed. the year 2002, mileage 102 thousand km (fuel consumption from 8-10 liters per 100 km ) automatic Transmission. Engine passes by Euro-4 standards. The machine was serviced by an authorized dealer, investment does not require any. I want for her 4800 American dollars. Machine is framed, Ivanovo, customs duty paid and Russian numbers, I can sell it only in Russia or in Belarus, but at the moment it is in the UK with me because I live now, I'm here. Honestly wanted to save some insurance,and taxes,but alas, here came the law,which prohibits driving left a/M. Want to sell,because this car is no longer necessary and it stands in the garage and only cheaper and that is why such a price. If you will be sure that you buy it from me,I can send a car in Russia and remove it from the account,but I need assurance that you are a real buyer. As I'm sure your car at the meeting will be ready to review all the documents and get the results... for your account.

2012/2/22 Ildar Giniyatullin <>
Hello Olga. interested in your offer, please send a copy of the passport of the vehicle and the final price ,take your machine. Ildar
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