Examples of fraud

and scams with use of remittances

with scam!

1) Burmistrov Alexander < >

more BMW X5, 3.0d (218 Hp)

Release year: 2003 Diesel (E53)

MILEAGE: 130 000 km

Gearbox: Automatic.

Good afternoon or evening, I sell your SUV urgently, with a total value of 7200$. In connection withthat I am in another country, in England, also my machine at this moment with me, in the city of Sunderland. Machine-paid customs duty and is insured in Russia and framed in the city of Moscow. Car is in good condition, in the accident was not involved, the attachments are not required.

I can send a car to Russia or to your city. During our meetings with you and ready to provide all the documents of the machine and the full diagnosis.

2) I can take the car in Russia in the coming days, I will remove the Orenburg car from the register and put on transit number, and send in your city as agreed. But I need assurance that You really have this amount to purchase my car, are still from England to Russia a very large distance. I am selling this car for 7200$ , because I have no time every year to travel to Russia for renewal of insurance and technical inspection. I settled down and lived in England for a long time. I do not profitable to travel to Russia for re-registration documents. Here I sell the car,I can't since my car is paid customs duty in Russia with Russian numbers and the steering wheel is on the left side, and I can sell it only in Russia. I can machine bring only on one condition. My condition is, You send via WESTERN UNION is$ 5000 , your loved one or family member , without a difference they can be found in Russia or in your city, the Bank does not verify the location of your recipient. When you do the translation and inscribe his(its) data, the country of the recipient You write the UK or London so that we at meetings and all documents are on you, went to the Bank and changed only the name of the recipient of the country. After the transfer, You must send me a copy of the translation to my email we wrote to each other. I look at the amount and seal of the Bank, and on the same day or in the morning I will go to Russia. After registration of documents machine for you, we'll go to the Bank and make translation to my data, and the remaining amount of us$ 2200 you pass me in cash. I believe that my suggestions real and safe for you and me. Waiting for your reply or call. Leave your contact number. +447031884863

3) my address> Sunderlend street Karlinston. but just let the calls in advance.

4) < >

more Leave your contact number. +447031884863

The question? what do the security service offices and special services of the States ? the answer ! eat vodka, whiskey, and so on and share the loot.
Also I want to warn everyone that Western Union employees of these bandits, after exactly one hour, the man learned that I withdrew the translation of the$5000. And TRIED WITH ME to UNDERSTAND , it is a pity that on the phone .

Hello again,
The car is still registered in Russia, but, as I already told you in my first e-mail, the car is in Birmingham, England. Because I have no time for transaction processing due to my work, I have already deposited a car in the warehouse by the shipping company and ready be delivered to your home address at any time. This shipping company is a notarized authorization to represent me in this deal and sign with the transfer of property rights in my name. If you agree, buying a transaction takes place, as to be able to start operation me 'll need your name, address and mobile phone number. After I get this information from you, I'll go over to the transport company and give them the information so they can start a transaction. After the transaction is running, the company will contact with You and they will send you a contract of purchase and payment invoices by email. They will ask you to send 50% of car value in of the te shippas Deposit guarantee, the remaining 50% will be sent after you inspect the car. In addition, you have 10 days return policy for validation and testing of this issue. If you don't want to car, you may notify the shipping company, and they will take the machine to my account, and they will refund your money, but I'm sure you'll like car and it will not be necessary. Thus, you can see and inspect the vehicle before you pay. This service does take place money, while the buyer is satisfied with the product. After confirming the payment of the shipping company, the transaction begins, and the car will be delivered at your address in maximum 5 days.

Shipping fees will be about 800 GBP, but I will pay 50% from the transport tax and your 50% is already included in the price. In addition, it is a fair way transactions online. If you are still interested, please email me your information so we can start a transaction. I await your decision as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Mark M.

Mark Miller

We have the same situation, the car was sold on the website avito.
After we answered that money only when we meet, we wrote this:

(I can make a car in Russia next week. I will remove it from the register. But I need a guarantee that you are a real buyer, still from Milan Russia has a great distance . I am selling this car, because I have no more work here Italy, I found a job in England there is my sister,there I have nothing to do with this machine because there all the cars with the right wheel. My suggestion is that you send the price for cars 130 000 rubles through Western Union for example the name of his mother or(husband, wife, brother .......). You send money in England, for example the name of your mother, then send a copy of the translation to my email (you probably have relatives in England , but it doesn't matter). You go to the Western Union and you say, you want to send a 130 000 RUB your mother's (family member) who is now in the Англии.Я check if transfer is real and come with the machine in Russia. There you can check all the documents of the car, engine, all you want ..... and then we both go to the Bank and you change your name mom on my sister, and it will remove the money with Western Union in England.
I will wait for your reply) In response. we have sent the link to this page, and all....silence

Divorce!! The machine is still sold. Sorry, but now I am in London, UK, and the car with me. Machine is in very good condition, never been in accidents. It is registered in Russia. I bought a car, when upgraded his professional skills in Russia in 9 months. I sell it at that price I cannot afford to register car here in the UK. It would be too expensive. That's why I decided to sell it again in Russia. In addition, the steering wheel is on the left and in the UK all the cars have the steering wheel on the right side. Because of this very inconvenient to drive a car. I come personally to sell you a car. If You are still interested in buying, I will send more information upon receipt of any response from you. .............First, I would immediately say that You don't have to pay for anything before You see a machine. All You have to do is show me that You have the correct amount of money, and I can go to Russia with the machine. I'll explain what to do. I could come up with documents and machine, but I need a guarantee. I want to make sure that You have the money to buy a car, as it is not a short light to travel from London to Russia. You can send money through WU at Your father's name (mother, sister, friend etc), but in London, UK. As a precaution, You can specify a security question. All I want from You, so it receipt of Western Union to make sure that You have the money. If everything is in order, I will come in Russia, You can examine the car, check engine, documents and test it on the go. After that we can go to the Western Union and change the name of the recipient (the name of Your wife) to my name, and You give me the answer to the secret question. Your the money will be under your control. No one can get access than the recipient. This is a very simple procedure and guarantees safety for both parties. You must understand that You We do business so you will go Western Union office, and put money for his wife's name, mother's name, brother name, etc, but here in London, so in this case I will be able to check if they exist or not. You don't send me any money, you do not put money in my name, you have control over money all the time, you're the only one who can witdraw them.
After that you send me a receipt from Western Union, I'll go with that Western Union and I will check if they have or not.
You put 80000, for me it is more than enough to show me that you have the money and come to Russia.
And the rest of the money that you give to me, when I come.
When I come you will check the machine, make a full test drive and check all the documents, if something is not as I said, I will give you money back for Western Union dues.
Please let me know when you can do it because I need to take a few days off from my job to come to you. don't have to pay anything in advance in order to see and examine the car. This is the only guarantee to me that You have the money to buy my car and that this purchase you are really interested in......

Hello my name is Vitaly, I live in Ukraine, Kiev, I became a victim of fraud. My case deception as other normal :( Translated amount 9500 USD. U.S. via the «WESTERN UNION», according to the price of the cars for sale on «website avtoria». After I operator issued a receipt sent to the sum from 10-digit reference value, "without which it is not possible to withdraw money" nor the recipient is not for me. After this I call the recipient and to inform you about the transfer(without specifying the details of the sender, the money had been transferred several people with different banks) he agrees with me that all was received. Then I decided to arrange the pick-contacting him again. But after multiple attempts, it never went to the link. I decided to return to the point of transfer and take their money, and they told me that the recipient has received a translation. How he was able to get a translation without receiving from me checking information (10-digit code + passport)...? I checked the data recipient - they agreed with the data that I have listed. Recipients were GALINA LIVIN + MIHAEL LIVIN, the country of payment: ISRAEL. But after some of my calls from the numbers I was able to talk with this person (referred to themselves Alexander), he told me that is not going to me "throwing" but there is a condition - I owe him to pay 3500 $ US, because he got a better offer to sell auto 12,000 dollars. Translation invited to perform on the name of my wife, but with the country of payment: ISRAEL through MoneyGram. I wanted to clarify as they could get the money without the sender's name (by sending the scanned receipt, I cut out all data, code and name) and on which Bank to write statements recipient( Israel) or shipper(Ukraine, Zaporozhye)? police it, but didn't want and punish Bank

Thank you very much for the information! Only that my father joyful called and has informed, that found an ad on super car at a super low price)) but! there was his the phrase "non-standard conditions of sale", so he asked me for advice. I wrote the owner of the car on the specified mail immediately(!) the answer came with offer to pay the cost of a car through Western Union and nothing else. Also it was told about the operational code and something similar. I immediately took a search forfraud via Western Union" - voila! my guess was confirmed! Thank You very much!
Vip Astral

I have this problem I decided to buy a Laptop online gift shop Apple Macbook pro 17 at a much cheaper price and I like zombies went for it, and sent money seller via money order Western Union 500$ but the next day they write to me by mistake our storekeeper was sent to my account not one Laptop and 7 I am writing why me seven I only need One for my that I paid and they tell me that they can not return the money as the cargo has already left, as return the money I live in Kazakhstan in the city of Atyrau how can I be it possible to return the money? ...

here's another Scam British firm CALUMET for the sale of photo technique they offer cameras at a low price.. then only pay through Western although on site there are other ways... they are with you correspondence...then write that message with suppliers and they can send from 5pcs. goods..and you allegedly have to pay for all other goods and do not send one item you...the name of the payee Pit YOUNG

Too caught on such a deception. Looking phones on the website
Immediately on the mail started receiving letters supposedly from Chinese wholesale companies. Proposed start to buy one phone to test on a small price (telephone on their the words of the original Samsung). Payment by Western Union. Correspondence was about a week. As soon as the translation was made, and MTCN reported, "seller" relationship not work -))) Seller from China, is a good site, a lot of options for a contact, etc. Except payment by Western suspicions caused...
But nevertheless got on 800grn. :-) Is unlikely to hike the police will help
Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1995

I can make a car in Russia next week. I will remove it from the register. But I need a guarantee that you are a real buyer . I am selling this car, because I have no more work here in Belgium , I found a job in England there is my sister , there I have nothing wrong with this machine because there all the cars with the right wheel . My proposal is that you pass a value 106000 rubles via Western Union (plus Commission for money transfer), for example, the name of his mother, or (husband, wife, brother, .......). You send money in England, for example the name of your mother, then send a copy of the translation to my email (you probably have relatives in England , but it doesn't matter). You go to the Western Union and you say that you want to send 106000 RUB your mother who is now in England . I'll check if transfer is real and come with the machine in Russia . There you can check all the documents of the car, engine, all you want ..... and then we go to the Bank and you change the name of your mother on my sisters, and it will remove the money with Western Union in England.
I will wait for your reply
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