Cheating online

via international money transfers

with scam!

From: BERNARDO Bernard < >
Again got its data, and I want you to Les already told that I convey to you the delivered cargo load the car with him so all will be concluded for the supply, but against payment will refund against delivery.

I'll explain how that happens.
You go to the post office near your home, just to make 225000 RUR liquidity in the post against receipt, which you give delivery, because I need a guarantee, delivery to my face goes to delivery.

Do not think that you pay object, not seeing him. It's just a way to replace the view that the driver was supposed to take, because my deliverer would still road and safely.

After the mail, the postman will give you a form to fill out with your contact information and miens.Sur plug designed for questions and answers, it is your responsibility, to select a question and answer your choice to ensure mandat.Aucours delivery you take the trouble to check the vehicle and the invoice, all the time in order, you'll share a car from the fork Western office trade Union and I'm back in the possession of my with it all!

You never know when Rendez Vous in case the vehicle is not suitable for you or not fill your expectations, you can cancel the transaction and return the card in the mail office to make you pay money.
At reception of transfer you answer the question that you have chosen is not disclosed to the person prior to arrival deliverer my house and even if you ask the driver to give no grounds
because this is the confidence and reassurance for your money.

As soon as I confirm, I command you to go to the carrier
put in Your address
Thank you.

Here's how to get payment and delivery, please contact me if so.
I would like to remind you once again that I seriously

Well that read your page))) would've met him in real life - stick in the eye would have stuck!
Today caught an announcement on avito - and decided to check all the details - and on you )) your page helped - thank you!
having seen the announcement posted on the e-mail received an answer-and crawled in YANDEX and here you are right!)

Chevrolet Captiva, 2014,

Mileage 20 000 - 24 999 km 3.2 at, diesel, SUV, colour black

Car in excellent condition , has no legal no other problems. Garage storage. Non-smoker. Urgent sale due to relocation.

To contact me email me and I will detail
the reason for low cost and how to buy my car as I
the time I am in South America.

The car itself is located in Moscow. On arrival any checks (including legal purity) and diagnostics of any kind.

my e-mail Address:

In my letter to You, I will detail the reasons for sale at a low price and terms of purchase my car !

If You are satisfied described below conditions then in all matters related to
purchase my car, please, write me on this address :

My car has no legal no other problems . He completely
customs cleared in Russia and has a full set of keys. Purchased by me in
Moscow ATC "Moscow" . The vehicle was registered in Moscow on my name on the
the basis of a temporary residence permit. In the moment the car is removed from the register.

It doesn't really require any investment ! Car perfect condition !

The car ready to go for any kind of verification and examination of my arrival in Moscow.

The reasons for the sale of my a/m at a lower cost, associated with the fact that
I finished the work contract in Russia and I am back at work in South
America in Peru.

In Russia under the terms of my contract, I have worked a year.

I am a citizen of Peru.

Here I worked in Moscow and check it will not difficult if there are certain links.

All Russian oil and gas scientific research Institute

them. academician A.P. Krylov


Dmitrovskij travel D. 10

Currently I live and work in South America in Peru.

In Moscow I had the a/m , which at the moment I didn't need the
only cheaper, standing in somebody's garage .

So now I need to quickly and conveniently for me to sell it !
Sell the car, I decided to only later a month after the departure as the
there were plans to return to Moscow with the already extended the contract , but in connection with the
circumstances that does not work.

For me convenient conditions of sale and the client is the cost of the car. Note - there are no performance conditions and the specified value.

The cost of the car is not connected with the need of money but rather the opposite. Pursued only one goal - convenience sale.

Description of the conditions of sale:

To purchase my car You need to make
money transfer in an amount equal to the value of the car, through the system
fast money transfer Wеstеrn Uniоn or MoneyGram.

After the transfer You need to send me an e-mail to
electronically copy of the receipt about payment for my email. I
I called the Bank and if I confirm that the translation exists within
two of the three days I fly to You to

renewal of the car. And reference number from ten digits, which
You will give the Bank the transfer and which in its
turn is needed to receive the transfer, You will hide sending me
a receipt. You show me only when
we'll put the car on You and You will receive it in its use. What
the way to transparent and secure for You, you can verify talking with

the employee of any Bank where there are Wеstеrn Uniоn or MoneyGram. It is because there is such unusual conditions of sale of the car and caused so much
its low cost. That is, no data-no facilities and rates. For
the buyer is convenient price and for me, the terms of sale.

You are no risk just as I have proposed option payment
guarantees the safety of Your money(in any Bank You can confirm) to
until You do not get an auto and we don't record it on You

About inspection auto:

I am very sorry but I can't physically show You the car as I
I am currently in South America and the car is in the garage on the

Research Institute, where I worked, and the keys of the leased me garage there is only me and it is logical.

Show You its not who physically as in Russia I have no one has from the family I worked there for only a year.

If I were from relatives in Russia I would leave sell a car to him.

Very sorry but there is because there are.

I will come ONLY to the customer fulfilled my terms for the sale of the vehicle

The value of my car significantly below the market JUST by the fact that terms and conditions of sale are not standard and comfortable for me !

For the customer is beneficial to the value of the car .

This car You can buy ONLY on my terms and not on another !

I must be 100% sure that I was going to a CUSTOMER that is not just on the
words promises that 100% will buy and that he would not be in place with me lead
trades realizing that I came from far away !

I have proposed variant of payment guarantees safety of Your money
until You receive the car and we don't record it on You

I sell a car on I described the scheme. It is convenient for me. I decide how I sell my car.

The cost of the installed my car gives me the right to choose the terms and conditions of sale

If You do not like any then you should not continue their dialogue hereinafter referred to another will not.

The letter with the offer their own versions of selling my car I more not answer


Details (name, last name , city and country) for payment I am ready to give
You, upon request, but not earlier than the day before the payment as
details I can

to give only one person and expect payment for no longer than a day.

With respect Wrestler Alexander Pavlovich

P.S. as in Russia there is a certain limit to send 5000 USD
in the day) that you can send to the example from a few people
or from one but in a few days or use Western Union and MoneyGram.

In the result of which one person can send $ 10,000 per day..

If You satisfy the conditions described below that in all matters related to
purchase my car, please, write me ONLY to this address:

as this letter made in the form of auto-reply just to expel manually to each of the terms and conditions of sale of the car.


I was hurt but today just amused, but still there are people who suffer, that's what email I received from England:)
I can translate car in Russia in the coming days, I will remove the car from the register and put on transit number, and send in your city as agreed. But I need a guarantee that You really have this amount to purchase my car, are still from England to Russia a very large distance. I am selling this car, because I have no time every year to travel to Russia for renewal of insurance and technical inspection. I live in England for a long time. I do not profitable to travel to Russia for the processing of documents. Here I sell the car I can't, because my car is paid customs duty in Russia with Russian numbers, and I can sell it only in Russia. I agree machine brought only on one condition. My suggestion is: do You transfer the sum of 5000 USD via the WESTERN UNION, on your a loved one or family , whatever they may be found in Russia or in your city, the Bank does not verify the location of your the recipient.(The remaining$ 100 you give me when meetings in cash.) When you do the translation and writing of his(its) data, the country of the recipient You write England or the UK, so we at the meeting and drawing up the documents you went to the Bank and changed only the name of the recipient of the country, because the change in the country we have to pay twice Commission After the transfer, You must send me a copy of the Bank transfer to the IBA e-mail where we corresponded. I look at the amount and print international version and the same day or in the morning I go to Russia. I believe that my suggestions real and safe for you and me. Waiting for your reply or call. +44 7031963850.

Hi all!I Want to you share with another scammer who sells Iphone phones with America......he is on many sites.... connects it only on Skype his name is Stanley.lemar. He also asks me to send him money in advance via Western union...and the vet says that he will not be able to withdraw money until you tell him MTCN code, but do not believe him in America all laws much easier there's no need to code, just came and said that your name we have received a lot of money and approximately anyone...and all neither money nor goods....Beware of deception...

site announcement: I will Sell Audi 2007, Great car, 100% of paid customs, mileage 103000 (real).I have only one owner. A full set of books and keys Original title. Body without chips and scratches. Sold because was given a new car,and so, even pity for her ...however, the ideal machine. 180 000 rubles write on my e email : ekaterinayazova @ bk. EN correspondence: can I transfer a car to Russia in the nearest days, renting a car from the register and put on transit number, and send in your the city as agreed. But I need a guarantee that You really have this amount to purchase my car, are still from England to Russia a very large distance. I am selling this car for 6000$ , because I have no time every year to travel to Russia for renewal of insurance and technical inspection. I live in England for a long time. I do not profitable to travel to Russia for the processing of documents. Here I sell the car I can't, because my car is paid customs duty in Russia with Russian numbers and the steering wheel is on the left side, and I can sell it only in Russia. I agree machine brought only on one condition. My condition is, You transfer the sum of 5000 USD via the WESTERN UNION , on your loved one or family , whatever they may be found and Russia or in your city, the Bank does not verify the location of your recipient. When you do the translation and writing of his(its) data, the country of the recipient You write England or Britain, London, that we at the meeting and drawing up the documents you went to the Bank and changed only the name of the recipient, and not country, because the change in the country we have to pay twice Commission.(The rest of the$ 1,000 you give me when meetings in cash.) After translation, You must send me a copy of the translation to my email where we corresponded. I look at the amount and the seal of international translation and in the same day or in the morning I have to go to Russia. I believe that my suggestions real and safe for you and me. Waiting for your reply or call. +447031809869

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There is another Scam, share correspondence
Anyone can have money in your Bank account.
But this doesn't guarantee that you want to buy my car, and you do not buy another, before my arrival, for example.
You should go to the Bank to find WU
send $ 1800, and the $ 90, you pay a Commission for Western Union.
send in Denmark (Copenhagen).
You just imagine for a moment that Your father , or who you want is in Denmark.
do not say in the Bank that you are sending money to buy car
because they will ask the more expensive transfer fee (about 300-400 $) for purchases abroad
Tell only that you send money to your father.
I'll wait a copy of the translation tomorrow and the day after I go.

2013/2/26 Andrey < >

Well, I will do the translation on their relative, and will send you a receipt, as far as I understood, You are interested in my ability to pay. Or can you provide the Bank receipt for withdrawal. It will be easier. The amount will be in UAH for the equivalent amount in us dollars at the exchange rate. For what period of time you need to provide documents. And how long will it take to arrival in Ukraine.
Natalia Prokudina

Thank you very much! You saved me!!!!!!

I also have a funny story. Here is my story I found the announcement on the site on a loan this content:

I am a private investor I give loans at 2% per annum for any period. I in brief, of course
writes a foreigner because really can't connect two words but as the essence of
started my correspondence with him. He means on behalf of the company all that explains me to enter. mail. In the end, writes loan approved all is well. Well I clap their hands and ask what actions further and then started:
As for your loan transfer 4000,000,00 rubles, he said,
that money should be insured before it can be transmitted.
Be aware that there are insurance / Security processes, we must keep before your loan amount 4000,000,00 rubles may be transferred, as noted in the beginning.
Please note that credit transfer will begin soon and can get a completed once the process of insurance completed, the loan will not give you before that processes credit insurance is not observed.

Insurance loan protection insurance is offered with many loans, otherwise called payment protection insurance (PPI). It covers a loan if you unable to meet payments due to unemployment or illness.
Causes of insurance, as stated is to ensure that credit and protect the interests of this company, and your interests, and we have the right the way to do it. For this loan, go for you, you'll need to get a certificate of insurance, and this is done with a certain amount of money paid in advance.
To do this you 'll have to make a Deposit insurance payment of the loan.
Cover for your insurance premiums, are as follows:
Unemployment cover
An accident or illness cover
Critical disease covers
Life cover
Hospitalization cover

The sending of this fee to the insurance company, they will issue the certificate in your name, and it will be delivered to the Bank where your translation is finally done.
Funds will be delivered to you on the transfer to the Bank. Transfer duration of 7-9 hours, because it will be sent at speeds. You will be caused by the Transfer by the Bank on +389516050747.

Once the credit is reflected in your Bank account and is ready for selection. You will be notified minutes preparing for the transfer of funds, and the length of time for delivery will make it clear to you.

The following will be delivered to you once the fee is paid
* Certificate of insurance
** Transfer certificate
*** Loan certificate (This will be sent to you once you have funds)

With respect

In the end, I ask how much and where? Hello,
Thanks for your mail, but before we begin the credit transaction, I want you to know that you'll require to pay for the collection of insurance premiums.
The loan will never be transferred to you until the card, the Insurance premium paid. The insurance premium is required is recoverable amount of $ 210, and a fee must be paid to the insurance agent before credit can be transferred.
In accordance with the international insurance protection to the loan and security Ordinance 1996 under section 27, subsection 17,3 in the United Kingdom international lending insurance 1984 law amended, which States that: All credit invited the international applicants must be secured and protected by borrowing party before it can be ередана borrower.

Credit transfer will begin as soon as paid paid and confirmed.

So get back to me immediately.

With respect

I : What kind of warranty on your part that I will pay and you send?
he: I give you 100% guarantee that after the payment of the loan will be sent to you and a fee must be paid via Western Union.
I had already sent the подобе like you after the transfer has been no response no hi. With the banking side you have with the amount of my loan off with this
> insurance and the insured.
he :hi,
You know why the year will have to pay this tax?

1) many customers have said that we have to trust them when they receive a loan, they pay me. But the opposite case, they stop paying.
2) This is the only fee you pay so that you get the loan.
3) I will not, for any reason, you SCAM.
4) I'm not here to steal, rather, I am here to help all of my clients.

Because you don't trust me in this transfer, I wanted to let you know that I legitamate right?
For the transfer to go further, you should try and keep the loan and also know that you do not pay the insurance premium for me, you pay it in the insurance company directly in order.

Please try and faith in this loan the company all right
I: Tomorrow will send you the 6000 rubles on what account
he: You must pay the fee via Western Union
I: Amendment salary will be transferred on Monday. how to translate I'll post
List will in rubles. For insurance I translate only three thousand to begin with. 200000 thousand translate you. If the real money comes to me through I'll post the second half. if you do not agree. The contract cancel
And then I realized that there was something wrong. he leaned on that until I move I, not they'll send me money. and here again and went to my terms...........
He : Well, I wanted You to pay a fee via Western Union to the information below tomorrow well, and send me the MTCN.

Name of recipient: Oskama Martins
Country: Nigeria
State: Edo state
Test Question: Name
Test Answer: Martins

And then I wondered what is the MTCN and hit on your сайт.Вот here then I thought finally.
I keep a fascist grenade
I : And we have Western Union , we only banks that write to the settlement account of the Bank, well then I can't send you money. such services have not. The company should have a Bank account. you from the company communicate with me. Send me the details and I will list money on their account. If there is no any company,then goodbye. These scams as you pile all the fed is not going to. By the way even on the sites where you give the ads there are warnings, that in no event shall pay a prepayment,because this fraud.
He:Well try and pay via Money Gram.
Well stupid)))))))))

Yes it is all!!!!!!!!!!! So people don't get fooled by all these lies))))

And almost agreed))))))))))

I thus built a 450 Baku, goods from China , phones, TVs, memory cards etc. original. just have experience working with the Chinese to Western Union, and all the time honestly sent the goods. and here another Chinese offers other products for an incredibly low price. well thought once cheated until this time, it is not deceived and in this situation, it was Vice versa (((

Tell me what divorce? Car is located in the Orenburg region and the buyer in the UK, offers to buy my car.
Thanks for your reply, I can contact the shipping company Now about the pick up of the car, the freight forwarder told me that I will need to pay for the cost of the freight forwarder so I add $ 750 money on Your car.

I'll make transfers of $ 4600 USD to your Bank account, $ 3850 USD for your car and $ 750USD for the cost of the freight forwarder.

The shipping company does not accept any other payment method, except for Western Union and I have no access to go to Western Union office because currently morning in the sea.

Am a sailor.

So, you will help me to send $ 750USD the transport company via Western Union so they can able to take away from the machine as soon as possible.

Hope you can understand.

Thank you.
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