Examples of deception

through remittances

with scam!

I also had a similar case. Long they've bred, but the friend from the States said that this is a hoax. Here correspondence:
Tottenham Court Road, London
Bank E-mail Address: scb.onlinetranferdpt
Tel: +447045794126
Attention :
Date: 5/16/2013
We are members of this great Bank received your letter, and we would like to inform You that the unique payment in the amount of $ 820 USD should be made directly to the our legal adviser through the Western Union with the details below.
Approved by the order of payment: Western Union

Receivers Name: Elena Davis
Receivers Address: 11HTottenham Court Road, London
Country: London
Total: $ 820 USD

Send us a scanned copy of the receipt on payment, which will be issued by the Agent on payment, so that we can direct it to the court of the British Crown on nearest purchase a legal document.
We are looking forward to Your reply.
Mr. Peter Sands
Anneta Margusheva

I also met announcement about cheap apartment, I got in touch with some Zarutskim A.P. and was surprised by the speed of response. From it follows that he is in the United States, has farm and useless sells apartment, offering a Deposit in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. through western union, hiding the transfer code, allegedly, he will not be able to get the money to process a transaction. I ask again, how much time he is willing to wait, responds that he does not hurry. And I think, given the time difference with the USA, having the farm all the time to sit on the Internet, and why so reduce the price, if not in need of money. Scanned by search found several ads for the sale of apartments from him the same with the same unreal prices and which, by the way, there are other real estate sites from other people and real prices, sent him a mail. In response, he put a ban on my letters. People, be vigilant. scammers are not asleep

Hello! We are engaged in translation and issue of funds from foreign accounts. Do this through money transfer system Western Union. You provide us with the recipient's name, city of receipt and phone for communication. On the data we will translate 2-3 times a month from$ 1000 to$2000. 60% of the transfer send us where in the process of work we note 40% of your.
Work on 1-2 months, but if the employee works honestly, quickly and without problems, cooperate on a constant basis!
The salary of the new employee from 20000 rubles. For new employees to do a test translation in the amount of 30 000 rubles. Require pre-payment of mortgage in the amount of 1 000 rubles you will get them back immediately after the trial to get cash. Once you get the first translation we will have your passport details and we will start working with amounts from$1500. Immediately explain that this Deposit is against opening You account from which You will go translations. WE HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS. THERE IS NO RISK, ALL LEGAL!
Working conditions for new employees unchanging, payment of Deposit is mandatory as think fraud or real money?
aka skiff Bazzaty

Hello! Wanted to buy a car on beneficial terms, machine in St. Petersburg, and the seller in France and eventually suffered from fraud! (there are phone numbers and email , with which the seller is go to the link). To confirm my solvency seller has requested a list floor of the sum of transfer Western Union in France at my same name. I sent the money through the Bank. All this time he is talking to me on the phone and constantly having any problems, that if the wife is unable to leave France ( because she type was the owner of the machine), missed flight, also they have sent tickets... after I requested to send a copy of the ticket for the wife the next flight, nothing got in the mail and already had a doubt, went to the Bank where the transferred money, and I was told that there is nothing that removed them without my knowledge... before that Bank staff argued that without documents and confirmation code remove anything not Immediately... the police were called, wrote a statement to the police.
Please help deal with the situation...the machine urgently need to buy, as it is necessary on work, time waits for no man...who need to understand ? who should pay the money, whether you want to complain about the Bank? and how quickly you can get your money back with paid Commission?
Sergey Vavaev

Already 3 years can not change the text....This is just a legendary example of deceit.
I can make a car in Russia next week. I will remove it from the register. But I need a guarantee that you are a real buyer, all the same, Belgium from Russia there is a great distance . I sell this the car, because I have no more work here in Belgium , I found a job in England there is my sister , there I have nothing wrong with this machine because there all the cars with the right wheel . My suggestion is that you transmit 98.000 roubles via Western Union , for example, the name of his mother, or (husband, wife, brother, .......). You send money in England, for example the name of your mother, then send a copy of the translation to my e-mail (you probably have relatives in England , but it doesn't matter). You go in WUMT and you say that you want to send 98.000 rubles your mother who is now in England . I'll check if transfer is real and come with the machine in Russia . you can check all documents of the vehicle, engine, all you want ..... and then we go to the Bank and you change the name of your mother on my sister, and she removes money from Western Union in England.
I will wait for your reply

People are more careful!!! Divorce auto London. Sent all in English. English speak decently. Replied.
Well my husband works in business aviation. Asked to send documents with customs! Left in the cold! And VIN send.
Well by e-mail began to look for something. All this and have found! And still, the company carrier they offer is just an Internet resource, which shall not be responsibility for the information on the website!!!!
No transport, they do not perform! Here is their website AUTOSHIPPERS INC. Careful!!!!!!!

Found a beautiful announcement on the website of the hands . Almost new car at a low price. Got into a correspondence, it appears that the car in London. Comrade corresponded with me on a poor Russian - English apparently! Asked for a transfer via Western Union to 25% from the amount on my name in London confirmation of the fact that I have money. I immediately realized that this divorce. I asked him to send №VIN auto. He replied that all will after the money transfer. At the end of our conversation, he wrote me a pure Russian language, without errors! The answer is also not wait! People don't get fooled by this Scam. They withdraw the money, even without knowing Your data. Divorce!!!! Then it will be a shame!

I was drawn by naivety or stupidity, in the purchase of your dream Hunday Gets, and it cost me $ 5,000. Money sent with a break in 3 days, on his brother's name. Every time you send I asked the operator if my money, the answer was affirmative, saying that I at any time may return their money, and no one can get the money without us.( unfortunately operators as was seen in the system of nested operation and status " paid or not" they do not see. So today 2013, operates the country of GREECE. "SLANDO.UA" REMEMBER GREECE!!!! It is very painful and LET GOD live through it. I there was still in debt. WITHOUT A CAR AND WITH A DEBT! I get to care for the disabled of the 1st group 14 gr. in the month, but I needed a car, as my mother is very painful and at any moment to get to a hospital and the ambulance to the us gets 1.5 hours. and so the whole family decided to buy a car. went to the " SLANDO.UA" and now, "THE MIRACLE" that almost deprived me of life((!!! GREECE AND NOW IT'S THERE!

My husband and I also almost got scammed) only already in the apartment. Scheme of standard, sold in Israel, sells apartment in Kiev, in the elite area at a reduced price. Asked to transfer 10 thousand dollars to any name(husband, wife, brother etc) to make sure that we are real buyers. Of course time to sit in Kiev he does not and he will come right on the deal, which we can test all the documentation etc. were provided apartment pictures from all angles. And assured that we are in principle no risk. By chance, the husband's parents just lived in Israel and in one city, we asked whether his meeting with them... after that, the seller was gone) so be careful, machines are not relevant, but the apartment....)))

Hello my name is Sergey, I live in the city of Artemovsk, Donetsk region. I have occurred to this story. On the website of the purchase and sale of machines SLANDO" I found the announcement of the sale of Chevrolet Lacetti 2008 release for 5300 $ with engine capacity of 1400 and type registered in LUGANSK contacted by email tipo with the owners of the cars . I answered that we pensioners have moved to permanent residence in Poland. Rodney allegedly left,but left the machine in Lugansk I actually believed but doubted. I offered to talk on Skype where I offered to show live your passport with residence permit and the amount of money expanding them. To which I answered that do not know what SKYPE that a little surprised, because e-mail to know what is SKYPE, not even was such mobile phone 0985218756 which I typed and in response there is no such number. And they wanted to prove our deal so I DID a MONEY TRANSFER IN HIS NAME IN POLAND 1800$. And THEY MAKE the SAME TRANSFER TO HIS NAME ONLY IN Artemovsk UNDER the NAME "VLADIMIR GAVRILOV" But thank God I have a guardian angel is my wife Irina which has convinced me that this is a hoax. SHE went to the site scammers WESTERN UNION and there was the same story but not Poland and ENGLAND, her mother, an old woman. On that I sent them that we are not suckers and we Donbass and deceit do not agree. And in GENERAL COUNTRYMEN THANK YOU FOR THAT WARNED money to our brother gets wow how hard КСТАТЕ COUNTRYMEN THIS DECLARATION IS STILL ON THE WEBSITE "SLANDO" WRITE THERE MAY BLOCK WHO KNOWS. AS HARE OUR BROTHER DECEIVE. . . . . .
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