History of deception

and cases of fraud with money orders

with scam!
Alexander Semenov

Transferred the money for the car on your ad, when I translated my Bank employee said that without MTCN code 10 digit the recipient cannot get money. I sent a copy of naturally without the code. The money cashed. Who and where of course I don't know...
Dinaeva Lilya

On the Internet send resume, I replied that I come up, then sent a contract and form filling to obtain a visa. Asked to send a copy of the passport-sent. All to obtain a visa, all of the costs assumed (visa). Further, filled, sent, further, their Embassy (home embassy) asked for confirmation that I can contain up to a 1 salary, as evidence need to make a transfer to his name, the sender-a close relative, to believe that I was the only recipient have the right to withdraw the money. In the Bank when you did, ( mom) translation, with my mother asked if anyone else besides me withdraw money, said only upon presentation of the original document, I can do that there (England) to remove or mother can tech 40 days to withdraw. It was found out that the money is withdrawn(( I'm from the country't go out, I don't even have visas. Wrote an application to the head office of the Bank, are going to lead the investigation...
Baktibaj Daniyar

The announcement for the sale of the car did a translation in Italy via the system Western Union, the recipient sent a copy of the translation, but before you send a money transfer consult with the Manager of the Bank where did the translation, explained everything in detail the purpose of buying a car and show the ability to pay. I want to send a copy of Translation in Italy, the Manager explained that without the identity of the nobody will be able to remove a translation, and I'm 100% sure sent the money and I have removed the translation...

Good day, I was a victim of fraud! It happened the following way, I wanted to buy a car found on the website posting from an advantageous price in Ukraine such a car is much more expensive. This listing has interested me and I wrote an e-mail to the seller of the car». The next day received an answer, the seller wrote that to be in Italy,had lived in Kiev, and machine Ukrainian rooms, Agreed to meet in Kiev, BUT to prove its seriousness, I must was send in Italy in his own name the money ($500), and it only show the form of translation. In turn, he sends money to his name to get in Kiev.... and it confirms that he will be on the meeting is mandatory.

I went to the Privat, Department of «Western Union» to the question whether a person knowing the name the sender and the recipient,and not knowing the transfer code to get money without presenting identification document? The answer was that it was a translation can only be identification document of the recipient specified in the form of sending money and be sure to know the code number. Besides, in the form of sending States that the recipient is obliged to present documents. When I got home I like auto negotiated with the seller sent him a scanned copy of the form to send. BUT I SKETCHED CODE !!! - the seller did not know the code. The answer was - I see that you have something to hide, but please go to the Western Union website and check the status of your transfer and send me a copy of the screen with the status of the translation. Did so, and, besides website said that the translation pending receipt. After a fruitless trip to Kiev, they cheat their clients, as obtained in this way.? My father sent me the money to my name ( I have not traveled to Italy), and nobody except me could not get the money as they assured employees «Western Union»

Bank employees, help to understand and to return the money ( salary 1400 USD - work out should be 3 months old,married and the baby only 8 months). It's very easy to catch cheaters ( already got himself another e-mail address and found another the announcement, immediately began a similar correspondence and send back money to his name through Western Union) is hard to find loopholes in the system ? Here in Ukraine in receiving the transfer must be passport, MTCN code, amount , name of the sender and the recipient's name and personal presence, it remains the blood still on DNA and pass the three witnesses that you are not a camel, and yet you fill photographed webcam...... a swindler nothing !!! Rummage in the Internet - such cases very much !!! "Have you nothing to do....
Evgeny Morozov

I too was a victim of fraud. I made an order on the website (Russian analogue to declare the company in England from abroad and sent money through Western Union, the seller has received the money but not fulfilled its obligations. Instead, I ordered 1 unit of goods, he said, send me 5 units and I asked for them to surcharges to which I replied I don't have enough money to pay for it and I cancel an order, return my money. They refused to do so. They said that unless I paid for extra goods, they will stop the shipment of goods. The amount sent by the seller is$500...
Bajdabekov Nurdaulet

Hello, I'm from Kazakhstan, Shymkent city, we together with my brother went in KASSPI Bank, via Western Union and in my name have sent 14.01.2012 number money in England, we wanted to buy a car, we were told that without you no one can take away this amount, after the deal never took place and we wanted to return money back it turned out that the account already removed all the penny... We wrote a request to the Bank to us through the day gave the information that in this day in London with my name took the money, and I'm not even traveled outside the borders!...
Kalyuzhny Michael

I want to share your story, and want that justice is restored! I was going to send his wife to a friend in England, and a week before the departure translated in her name money order, using the services of Western Union, but unfortunately the trip was deposited!

Money order I made 18.01.2012, at 5:40:00. Operator number 173 Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine, Krivoy Rog Total 1425 $ + $ 76 is service of translation!!! 25.01.2012г, I turned in the same branch of the Bank, to withdraw translation, the cashier told me that the money was taken by my wife in England, 21.01.2012г.! While all this time she didn't leave the territory of Ukraine!

As., I can provide a passport of his wife! With all visas in the passport!!! By writing a statement in the Bank, upon fraud, I was told that you need to wait 2-3 weeks!

At the moment I'm in confusion and misunderstanding as possible!!!! And as a possible third person to receive the money without the provision of passport data!!!!!! What are the guarantees that I will return my money, And where is the security which guarantee workers of banks, and Western Union!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????
Alexander Gorshenev

I was a victim of fraud. According to the announcement on the website I order Iphone 4g 32gb Sold seemed that he Britain (England), here's a site http:// here is the address of Complete Communications (Essex) Ltd30b Woodford Avenue, Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6XG, United Kingdom. Sent money through Western Union, the seller has received the money but not sent the goods. Recalling that send one phone is expensive, and registered by the customs office is not profitable said that they have sent the goods, should I buy some phones and iPad. Citing the fact that I can then sell these products more expensive, and bring all shipping costs. Offered to pay 1200$, to which I replied that no such money, they replied that they would not send the goods. The amount sent by the seller is 490$ plus Bank Commission...

At the auction hammer found the camera, offered to pay through Western. I guessed at once that the divorce. Now my hobby, sit with them in touch for the second week... They all hope that I will pay. Parallel to the dude buy Passat for a third week, they already from the skin of a climb... even sent some account of their alleged African branch... don't Know how much they will tolerate my humiliation. But pay I will definitely not.

Hello. On the website for the sale of the cars - I stumbled on an ad BMW X6 for the ridiculous price, 723 thousand rubles Realized that a catch - wrote to the specified email (phone was) the reply was, and it was immediately clear that divorce today at 17:23 In this letter, I will describe the terms of the sale of my car. If these conditions are acceptable to You then contact me You can here on this post: Cleared. Neither the law does not otherwise have no problems. In perfect condition and does not really require any investment. In connection with the fact that I got a new more profitable work contract in the USA I changed the place of work and place of residence. I live in two countries: Israel - United States. In Your country I had a car currently it turns out I don't need and only cheaper stuck in a rented me a garage on the territory of the Institute where I worked. I work in the oil business. In this connection, I decided to sell the car quickly and not expensive but just as comfortable for me. In connection with below-standard conditions of sales and due to such low cost of the car. Terms of sale: It is necessary to pay in an amount equal to the value of the car on I have indicated the data through a system of fast money transfer WUMT (can explore the official website Western Union ). After making payment, You send me at email electronically copy of the receipt. I called the Bank and if I confirm that the translation exists within two-three days I will fly to You for renewal of the car. And control number of ten numbers that You will give the representative of the Bank while making the transfer and that in turn is necessary for the receipt of that translation You give me only when we will arrange a car for You and You will receive it in its use. The fact that the way to transparent and secure for You, you can verify after talking with the banking the employee of any Bank where there are Western Union. That is Your exposure to risk losing your money, there is no. If You are still not satisfied with my conditions sell my car I ask You not to write me at all because another selling I just won't. There are no conditions - there is no price !
History of deception and fraud
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