Fraud and scam remittances

Fraud and scam with

Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers

Do not send a money order for people you do not know personally or by recommendation of friends, if you can be sure of the honesty of their intentions at 100%

is 99% fraud and scam!
Do not share data on the transfer of whom, by whom and the amount - or 99% of criminals get your money, because for the transfer

MTCN control number
not need!
Never use Western Union or MoneyGram or other remittances systems without a serious need. Even if you do not tell anyone about the transfer is likely that fraudsters

Receive a remittance
with false documents!
Or without it at all!
with scam!
If you propose to make money order to pay for some goods on ebay or service only through Western Union or other money transfer systems (such as MoneyGram, Leader or Anelik), be very careful, maybe it's scammers. The problem is that the money transfer system IS NOT INTENDED to do business and has no protection against fraud. So a refund in case of fraud is practically impossible!

And in case of default of the "seller "system will not be able to take his money and return to you. If you still deceived, you will have to write a statement to your local police, who will send the request to the police of the country of the recipient of payment and there is no guarantee that they will be able to catch the criminal in the nearest future. This process can be delayed for many months, and even years of investigations. At the moment some examples of fraudulent deception, when offered to pay for the goods payment for WU. Therefore, in case of suspicion don't have to go to pay. Ask the seller any other method of payment - for example through bank transfer from account to account. If the seller does not agree to any of the other methods - Better look for another vendor!!!! Fraud involving sending money via Western Union to Italy, Russia, and in any other countries increased, so have to be careful and do not participate in the suspicious and very profitable deals, however good they may be.
There is another trick to steal your money. You are offered to make a transfer in pledge of the purchased goods, and show them the payment receipt, without specifying the MTCN control number of payment. Supposedly when you get the goods, send them a code and they will receive the payment. Not TRUE - they will receive the payment as soon as you show them the payment receipt!

The fact that the system of WUMT is very old and the biggest. And since the expansion of the system around the world has been gradual, and in each country has its own specifics upon receipt of payment. In one country MTCN tracking number must indicate in the receipt, and the other only if you know it. But in general the system to receive the payment MTCN number IS NOT a prerequisite! Therefore, by sending criminals copy of the payment receipt, you almost give them their money! An indication of this number, the payment upon receipt,you do not need and if you insist on paying back of the money for the reason that the number you the recipient is not indicated, then the money will not be returned by the rules of the system! Keep your Western Union money order in safety!
If you are asked by your ability to pay for sending the translation to his relative, and after receiving the goods, you change the data of the recipient and the seller gets his money - you've almost got caught in a lie!

Now crooks are not standing still and are finding new ways of cheating. In this case, the bank will tell you that no one but your mom does not be able to get the money. And you believe them, sending money to his mom (or yourself). And to confirm that you have sent the scanned receipt translation sending attackers. And they, with all the necessary information to receive your payment, simply make friends with fake criminals documents in the name of your mother or even you, and quietly get everything to the penny. I note that in this case, the money you are unlikely to ever get back.

Still, the criminals do not sit still, do not wait until you meet them. They are looking for new ways of cheating. Therefore, they are "familiar" employees of banks and their using the data even can learn about your transaction itself. On transfer, which you sent to yourself before you go to another country, not to take money with them. And just as in the case described above, make false documents and receive your payment.And in some democratic countries such as England, you can not ask for a passport, if you know the number of transfer and all the data sender. Any fraudster can be called your name and get the translation! It is therefore not recommended if not necessary to use a system of remittances Western Union, Anelik, MoneyGram or LeaderMT.
What do you do? How to get a refund?

If you "steal" your money order should go write a statement to the police and the bank where you made the payment. The sooner the better. In order to return the money the chances are greater than zero, it is necessary to provide all the facts pointing to the fact that you yourself could not receive payment or that the recipient has not fulfilled its obligations, having received the payment. Dispute with the bank and demand their money back does not make sense. They are not police, to understand who cheat and who does not.

And if you still need to send money to your relative, then the recipient should not delay getting an extended period. It is best to get as soon as you send them.
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